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On Portland
The Portland State University machine room - host of annarchy, aka and the storage for personal git repos - had a rather catastrophic series of power failures yesterday. As in, both of the independent, UPS-backed power rails to the room failed simultaneously, multiple times. As best we can tell, one of those failures was during ext3 journal recovery of /home from one of the previous failures. fsck was utterly, utterly unable to cope with this.

So, /home got a reformat. /home on that machine was not backed up (and never has been advertised as permanent storage), so anything you had there is lost. Git repos can be restored from your own clones, of course.


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Adam Jackson
User: ajaxxx
Name: Adam Jackson
$ cat .plan
gpg: DD38 563A 8A82 2453 7D1F 90E4 5B8A 2D50 A0EC D0D3
$ nm -D
$ cal
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