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We failed to sell Jono's backpack on eBay (without his knowledge, let alone consent) from the pub because we couldn't get any semblance of functional internet (despite more than one person with a Bluetooth+GPRS/EDGE phone and an N800). This is not the flying car future I was promised, dammit.

But at least there was Pimm's.

My talk went okay I guess? Most of the people attending it seemed to be way high above the toolkit layer I was hoping for, so there was less feedback than I was hoping for. However, fooishbar did a similar talk on Saturday that was attended by the right set of people. So now we have more stuff to do. Yay!

Flying back to the states was less eventful than flying out, no delays or anything. Going through security three times was pretty awesome (wait, no). Heathrow wasn't bad so much as dated; it's impressive how much traffic they handle given how crap their layout and checkin process are. However they don't tell you your gate until 45 minutes before the flight departs, and - like every place else in the UK - the bagels aren't toasted.

Note for the future: try to live in a country with a less crap currency, lest you leave it for a week and come back a broke-ass ho.

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<mjg59> i can't believe he's never been deported

(updated to fix markup. apparently lj's mobile UI doesn't escape html for you. i shouldn't be surprised.)


It's just as well I didn't buy train tickets ahead of time, as my flight was delayed a mere nine hours. At least I have power, and a DS.


I'll be talking at GUADEC 2007 about Xorg and Gnome integration. Right now the talk is mostly about new features coming out of X and how Gnome will have to adapt. But that's kind of lame; I'd really like to know what X can do to make Gnome's life easier.

If you have ideas for improvements, or favorite topics in X you want to hear about, hit me up with a comment. I hear there will be video of the talks, so even if you aren't going you can still see what happened. Also there are many other talks from people more interesting than me, so do check it out.

Also I get to experience the joy of international air travel again. Hopefully it will go better than my last attempt, wherein my bags went to Sydney for a week without me.

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