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I realized while at the show last night that I've been going to see Local H perform for over ten years.

No real story there or anything, but it was kind of pleasant to note, given how my life feels like it tends towards the transient. Four years is an eternity. Ten is incomprehensible. Maybe some things last after all.

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At about 1700 last night I went out to shovel snow. This hadn't been done since at least Saturday, and it was raining for most of Sunday, so I had a good five inches of heavy wet snow to move. Took about ninety minutes, all told.

Except then later, at about 2200, I tried to take the trash out to the curb, and noticed that not only had the plows decided to run again, thus dumping about a ton of ice at the end of the driveway, but it had piled up so high that it crested over the snow pile on the curb, dumping another ton of ice on the sidewalk.

My back is rather sore this morning.

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music: queens of the stone age - mosquito song